1. Cyber Physical Systems in Smart Cities – Mastering Technological, Economic and Social Challenges. Martina Fromhold-Eisebith
2. Big Data Analytics Processes and Platforms facilitating Smart Cities. Pethuru Raj, Sathish A.P Kumar
3. Multi-scale Computing for a Sustainable Built Environment. Massimiliano Manfren
4. Autonomous Radios and Open Spectrum in Smart Cities. Corey Cooke, Adam Anderson
5. Mobile Crowdsensing for Smart Cities. Chandreyee Chowdhury, Sarbani Roy
6. Wide-Area Monitoring and Control of Smart Energy CPS. Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri
7. Smart Technologies and Vehicle-to-X (V2X) Infrastructures for Smart Mobility Cities. Bernad Fong, Lixin Situ, ACM Fong.
8. Smart Ecology of Cities: Integrating Development Impacts on Ecosystem Services. Marc Morrison, Ravi Srinivasan, Cynnamon Dobbs


9. Data Driven Modeling, Control and Tools for Smart Cities. Madhu Behl, Rahul Mangharam
10. Bringing Named Data Networks into Smart Cities. Syed Hassan Ahmed, Safdar Hussain Bouk
11. Human Context Sensing in Smart Cities. Juhi Ranjan, Kamin Whitehouse
12. Smart Cities and the Symbiotic Relationship between Citizen Engagement and Smart Governance. Tori Onker
13. Smart Economic Development. Madhavi Venkatesan
14. Managing the Cyber Security Life-Cycle of Smart Cities. Mridul Sankar Barik, Anirban Sengupta, Chandan Mazumdar
15. Mobility as a Service. Christopher Expósito-Izquierdo, Airam Expósito-Márquez, Julio Brito-Santana
16. Clustering and Fuzzy Reasoning as Data Mining Methods for the Development of Retrofit Strategies for Building Stocks. Philipp Geyer, Arno Schlüter
17. A Framework to Achieve Large Scale Energy Savings for Building Stocks through Targeted Occupancy Interventions. Aslihan Karatas, Allisandra Stoiko, Carol Menassa
18. Smart Cities Sustainability Assessment: Balancing Social, Economic, and Environmental Performance. Ali Komeily, Ravi Srinivasan


19. Resilient Electric Grid for Smart Cities. Jiankang Wang
20. Smart Energy and Grid: Novel Approaches for the Efficient Generation, Storage and Usage of Energy in the Smart Home and the Smart Grid Link-up. Julian Praß, Johannes Weber, Sebastian Staub, Johannes Bürner, Ralf Böhm, Thomas Braun, Moritz Hein, Markus Michl, Michael Beck, Jörg Franke
21. Building Cyber-Physical Systems – A Smart Building Use Case. J. Bakakeu, F. Schäfer, J. Bauer, M. Michl and Jörg Franke
22. Climate Resilience and the Design of Smart Buildings. Saranya Gunasingh, Nora Wang, Doug Alh, Scott Schuetter
23. Smart Audio Sensing Based HVAC Monitoring. Nirjon Shahriar, Ravi Srinivasan, Tamim Sookoor
24. Smart Lighting. Jie Lian
25. Large-Scale Air Quality Monitoring in Smart and Sustainable Cities. Xiaofan Jiang
26. The Smart City Production System. Patrick Hennelly, Roy Meriton, Gary Graham, Jag Srai
27. Smart Health Monitoring Using Smart Systems. Carl Chalmers
28. Significance of Automated Driving in Japan. Sadayuki Tsugawa
29. Environment-assisted Vehicular Data in Smart City. Wei Chang, Huanyang Zheng, Jie Wu, Chiu Tan, Haibin Ling

Chapter Table of Contents updated on 01.08.2016